Patient Talks


In July 2023, Beckenham Primary Care Network have partnered with HCA Healthcare UK, to provide online patient talks to our Beckenham patients.

patient talks graphic

Our free, monthly webinars provide an excellent platform to educate patients about various health topics, medical conditions, preventative measures, and lifestyle choices.

They can help to raise awareness and promote health literacy amongst patients. Beckenham PCN want to focus on preventative care, encouraging patients to adopt healthy behaviours, get regular check-ups, and address potential health issues early on, leading to better health outcomes.

Patients can participate from the comfort of their homes, or any location with internet. This convenience makes it easier for patient to attend educational sessions without the need to travel to their GP surgery.

Each webinar is recorded and made available for viewing later via our website. This allows any patients who couldn't attend the live sessions, to access the contact at their convenience.